Doctor Who – Ep134: Steep Taxes on Pluto

Hey Who fans, and welcome to episode 134. We kick off with our famous waffle with a quick update on steelbooks and the planned Paramount Theme Park, then some news, questionable merch then onto our review of The Sun Makers.

The News

Along with our US and Oz friends, the series 10 opener The Pilot is getting a cinema release in New Zealand. Our listeners in NZ can get tickets for the showing on the 16th April from

Merch Corner

We chuckle at the new plates and bowls from Hot Topic.

“The Sun Makers” Review

We weren’t particularly looking forward to reviewing this one based on our previous viewings but… has our opinion changed on this obvious dig at the tax man and oppressive companies.

Thank you all massively as always for spending time with us and for sending in your reviews. Next week it’s the 10th Doctor’s turn when we review Gridlock so get your thoughts to us on that one. Until then have a great week and remember – Allons-y!


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