Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 126

Episode 126 is here and it’s full of Doctor Who goodness starting with the news…

The News

Unfortunately we say goodbye to a couple of people; Rodney Bennett passed away aged 81, Rodney directed ten classic stories, namely the awesome The Ark in Space. Philip Bond also passed away aged 81, he played Ganatus in the first five episodes of the Hartnell story The Daleks.

More fan submissions needed! This time for the upcoming book Time Shadows 2 which, like the first edition, is raising money for charity. They are looking for submissions for their short story anthology released by Psuedoscope Publishing. You can check the details here.

Merch Corner

We talk through the upcoming releases from Character for 2017 including new figures, sonic’s, journals and, believe it or not, a stretchy Cyberman!

“The Curse of Peladon” Review

It’s felt like ages since we reviewed a Pertwee story so it’s great to be talking through “Curse” (we’ll leave reviewing The Monster of Peladon for a while ;-)). Quirky aliens, a “who dunnit” plot, political undertones, Venusian akido and some rather silly voices. The ingredients are all there for a great classic Who story but does it all come together or are we stranded on the cliff in the wind and rain?

Thank you for listening and for sending in your thoughts. Next week it’s the 11th Doctor story Night Terrors so look out for the Facebook post to give us your mini-reviews. Until then have an awesome week and remember – Allons-y!


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