Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 119

Welcome aboard the Tardis for episode 119. Plenty of Doctor Who goodness this week starting with the news…

The News

We give you the all important broadcast times for the upcoming Christmas Special.

The Vashta Nerada are to return! Not to our screens but to Big Finish and will see Tom Baker as the 4th Doctor battle these horrid shadow lurking creatures. It’s part of the second volume of Classic Doctors, New Monsters which will be out at some point next year.


Remember when we spoke about a cool looking Cyberman stone effect bust from Robert Harrop? Well now you can get a gold version! Yes, a limited run of 50 pieces are on sale now.

Like the logo for The Ghost character in the upcoming Christmas Special? Grab the tee now from

“Class: Episode 7 – The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did” Review

We’re still holding out hope that there’s an episode in this series that pulls us out of the boredom so far. Is this the one? Please let it be the one.

“Time Heist” Review

Attack eye-brows is back with us this week as The Doctor and his newly formed team attempt to break into the universe’s most secure bank vault. A great 12th Doctor story or are we left locked out with nowhere to go?

Thank you for listening and sending in your thoughts. Next week we tackle the 7th Doctor story Ghostlight, we’d love to hear your thoughts on that. Until then enjoy the start of the festive period and remember – Allons-y!


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