Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 115

Welcome Who fans new and old. Light on news this week but some good merch plus our reviews for Class and our regular story outing with Tooth and Claw.

The News



Humble Bundle have teamed up with Titan Comics to offer a few bundles at a great price plus there’s a donation to Children in Need.

Three new books from the 60’s are getting re-published with beautiful covers; Doctor Who in an exciting adventure with the Daleks, Doctor Who and the Zarbi and Doctor Who and the Crusaders. They’re a great price in Amazon right now.

The Beeb have confirmed the upcoming additional content in the upcoming The Power of the Daleks which might please some people.

A new Doctor Magazine Special has landed – Invasions of Earth which is on sale now, looks great.

“Class: Episode 2 – Nightvisiting” Review

We were quite varied last week when we gave our thoughts on episodes 1 and 2 so has this week levelled out and given us the Class we were hoping for?

“Tooth and Claw” Review

Well timed around Halloween brings us to this creepy tale of werewolves. Plenty going on in this one; Queen Victoria, kung-fu monks, death and despair but is it enough to give us 45 minutes of entertainment or are we left cold out in the moonlight.

Thank you for listening and sticking with us. Your thoughts and opinions are always a great insight. Next week it’s old Sixie’s turn as we look at Attack of the Cybermen so get your thoughts in for that. Until than have a great week and remember – Allons-y!!


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