Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 105

Hey Who fans! It’s a packed show this week with plenty of waffle, news, merch and then our review of the 9th Doctor story Aliens of London.

The News

US fans will be happy as Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Steven Moffat and the cast of Class will be attending this year’s New York Comic Con in October. You lucky people.

We reported a couple of weeks ago that series 9 episode Heaven Sent was nominated for a Hugo Award and… unfortunately Who didn’t win, missing out to the final episode of Jessica Jones.

Some sad news to end on; actor Michael Napier-Brown, that loveable crazy Mexican Civil War soldier from The War Games, has passed away aged 79. Contributing as one of the more fun characters from that Troughton story it’s a sad time but also a good excuse to give The War Games another watch.


It’s promo code week so here we go…

Grab 3 Pop! Funko’s for £20 from I Want One Of, some cool Who figures still left to pick up. Use the code POP.

Fancy the official 4th Doctor’s screen accurate scarf or the 7th Doctor’s question mark umbrella? These amongst some other great pieces of Who clothing await along with 15% off from Lovarzi. Just use code WHO15 at checkout.

“Aliens of London” Review

We love the 9th Doctor, as you probably know by now, and it’s always a treat to re-watch the comeback series. This first part of a two-parter is always up for good debate though. Aliens of London, a fantastic adventure or too childish and flatulent (hee hee) for us?

Thank you listeners, we had loads of reviews in this week across audio, email, Facebook and Twitter, it’s been awesome! Next week we’re getting the rice pudding ready as we visit the 7th Doctor for our review of Battlefield. Until than have a fantastic week and as always – Allons-y!!


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