Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 102

Welcome aboard the TARDIS for episode 102 where we talk through a couple of news items, a merch item that’s potentially cool and then we land on Varos for our 6th Doctor review.

The News

Filming for block 2 on series 10 is now underway and we’ve seen some great set pics featuring Capaldi and Pearl in Victorian costume.

The Moff has been saying in the latest Doctor Who Magazine that he’s not written out the Doctor in series 10 which almost (yes, that’s almost) confirms that Capaldi will stay on into series 11.


The rather brilliant TV Movie starring Paul McGann is getting the blu ray treatment. Releasing this September it will be a two disc set but as yet it’s unclear as to what the content is and if it’s an upscale. Good news though.

“Vengeance on Varos” Review

Known for its dark tones and gritty story, Vengeance on Varos is also regarded as one of Colin Baker’s finest performances. Are we on the same page or trapped in a dystopian future of visual torture?

As always thank you so much for subscribing and sending us your thoughts on our review episode. Next week it’s the time of the 12th Doctor where we look at Listen. Until than have a great week and remember – Allons-y!!


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