Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 94

Hey Who fans! It’s a different one this week as we stuck into our first Big Finish review. First though, some news and a competition.

The News

If you kept an eye on the auction we told you about last week you would have seen the huge amount the red Dalek from The Dalek Invasion of Earth went for – £38,000! Overall the auction sold over £90,000 in total. Phew!

Mark Gatiss has been asked to write an episode for series 10 but not just any episode, a sequel to Sleep No More. As you can imagine, we’re not jumping for joy.


We’ve teamed up with our friends at Big Finish and they’ve very kindly given us a copy of the amazing War Doctor box set Only the Monstrous. To win, tell us what words the War Doctor made in the wall in the 50th Anniversary story The Day of the Doctor. Tweet us, leave a post on Facebook or email, the choice is yours. We’ll announce the winner next week. Best of luck.

“The 10th Doctor Adventures” Review

We’ve spoken many times about this, and you guys have requested many times that we do a Big Finish review so here we are! We’re looking at the recently released The 10th Doctor Adventures but are we thrilled to have the Doctor-Donna team back or does it leave us wishing they’d left it as memories?

That’s episode 94 done. Thank you for listening and sending in your thoughts. Next week we’re looking at the 12th Doctor story Robot of Sherwood, looking forward to your views on that one. Have a great week and until next time – Allons-y!


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