Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 93

Hey Who fans! The usual waffle followed by some cool little news items then we get educated in all things Aztec as we fly back to the 15th century for this week’s review story – The Aztecs.

The News

The 6th Doctor Colin Baker is returning to the airwaves as new Big Finish stories are to be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra. The Crimes of Thomas Brewster start things off this Saturday at 6pm. This weekend will also see a repeat of the 50th anniversary radio documentary Who Made Who. Both shows will be available to listen to via BBC iPlayer for the next month.

Fancy owning a piece of Doctor Who history? Have deep pockets? Well auctioneers Bamfords are holding an online auction this Wednesday 8th June where you can pick up some great costumes, props and other stuff from the classic era. Ever fancied owning a DW Pinball machine, a Dalek coin-op kids ride or a Davros head? This could be the time to get them!

Merch Corner

Not much in the way of merch this week other than a raft of the latest Titan comic releases.

“The Aztecs” Review

A true historical and educational adventure with the ever-so charming 1st Doctor. We love going back to this era of Who but does this one hit the mark or is it in line for one of those blood sacrifices?

Thank you for listening and your continued support we appreciate it so much. Next week we’re doing our first Big Finish review where we’ll take a look at the new 10th Doctor Adventures so that’s all exciting. Have a great week and until next time – Allons-y!


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