Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 87

Hey Whovians, Who fans and Who-sters. It’s a pretty dark time for Doctor Who fans at the moment with no substantial news and only one merch item so it’s good news we know how to waffle for a while!

The News


Merch Corner

A new book titled The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who will hit shops and online on July 7th. Looks interesting if the potential science of Who floats your boat.


We have a copy of the very fun book Wallowing In Our Own Weltschmerz to give away thanks to our friends at Miwk Publishing. To win send us your answer on Twitter, Facebook or email (hello[at] – What classic British pudding does the Doctor yell at Davros which is unlimited? Good luck!

“The Twin Dilemma” Review

Often regarded as one of the worst classic stories, is it that bad? We take a look at the 6th Doctor’s first outing from strangling companions to galactic slugs, all wrapped up in a brand new colourful outfit. Do we consider this story a work of genius or do we feel trapped, watching it in a slug-trail of cement?

Thank you Who fans for listening this week and your comments. On next week’s show we’re reviewing the 9th Doctor story The End of the World and we look forward to your views on that. Have a great week and until next time – Allons-y!


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