Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 79

Hey Who fans, it’s episode 79. We start a new section of the show this week – Merch Corner which starts after the news. We then have an emotional review of Vincent and the Doctor so let’s do this.

The News

Who would have thought Series 1 from new Who would be so popular? BBC Worldwide have revealed that at their trade even Showtime, Doctor Who: Series 1 is the most purchased show for broadcast worldwide. Go 9 and Rose!

Sad news now. Actor Jon Rollason who played journalist Harold Chorley in the Troughton story The Web of Fear has passed away, aged 84. Involved in various TV projects including The Avengers and Coronation Street, we’ll remember him as the cowardly and often pushy Mr Chorley.

With lots of mud slinging going on with Netflix at the moment and their imminent withdrawal of Who from it’s service, we have good news for our Canadian friends. Streaming service CraveTV have picked up the contract to show Who later this year. Starting with Series 9 after in broadcasts on Space, all previous 8 series’ will then be added by the end of the year. Some good news at least for some fans.

Merch Corner

Welcome to Merch Corner, a place to inform you of upcoming Doctor Who collectibles and various other items that, like us, you’ll want to get your hands on. Let’s kick the first one off…

US online store ThinkGeek have a special Cyberman silver vinyl edition of the 50th Anniversary soundtrack titled 50 Years in the TARDIS.

Those amazing looking mini-statues we saw at the official Festival last year are now up for pre-order from Robert Harrop.

If you’ve heard of Loot Crate then this variation on it might interest you. Nerd Block’s March offering has at least one Who item inside along with some other cool movie franchise gifts.

“Vincent and the Doctor” Review

Hello again Matt Smith! Yes we’re back with The Doctor and Amy as they travel back in time to try and save one of the greatest artists we’ve ever known. It’s full of emotion and touching moments but does it get us going or is it like watching paint dry?

Thank you for listening. Next week it’s the long awaited return of Mr Pertwee as we review The Claws of Axos so remember to post your thoughts on that. Until then have a great week and remember – Allons-y!


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