Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 73

Hey Who fans! We have some short news this week before bounding into our review of The God Complex.

The News

The new spin-off show which is due to air this Autumn is now to be co-produced by BBC America. While originally going to be produced solely by BBC Wales as per the regular show, this is now being made (and also broadcast) with our friends across the pond.

The ever child like 7th Doctor Sylvester McCoy is to check-in to the real life Marigold Hotel. A new documentary on BBC 2 later this month will record the antics of a bunch of senior citizens as they embark on a long holiday to India to see if this is the retirement life for them. Cue much larking about and spoon playing!

“The God Complex” Review

We take a trip back to series 6 now and pull out one of the isolated stories. Themes of faith, fear and goodbyes test the team of The Doctor, Amy and Rory but how do we feel about it? A worthy re-watch or is it best left in room 11?

Thanks for all your thoughts and audio clips. Our review story next week is The Brain of Morbius so remember to give us your reviews on that. Until then – Allons-y!


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