Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 63

Good day Who fans, this is episode 63. Some waffle, some rants, some news and our review of The Zygon Invasion – good times! Let’s get stuck in.

The News

Peter Capaldi was on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show on Wednesday morning and while chatting generally about Who, he did mention that Clara would be departing before the end of the series and that it would be very sad indeed. Tissues at the ready.

Jenna Coleman has been added to the upcoming Official Festival in London next weekend and we were even offered photo ops. Trouble is, the online system wasn’t great for this with lots of complaints to the BBC Festival twitter account. If anyone got a photo op with Jenna send us the pic.

Toys “R” Us are going to release an exclusive line of 5″ figures from Character. It’s a bit cheeky in a way as some of them are re-released in a newer box but the McGann figure looks awesome along with a couple of the Capaldi figures.

“The Zygon Invasion” Review

We’ve been looking forward to this story since it was announced before series 9 started, who doesn’t love a good Zygon? Here we see them putting their master plan into action to take over the world but does The Doctor have enough to stop them this time?

This week’s trivia question

Last week we asked you – Warehouse no what – where the Ood brain is kept? The answer is – 15.

This week’s question is – At what age was the Doctor taken from his family to join the Acadamy? Give us your answer in the comments below or post it on Twitter or Facebook. Good luck!

Thanks al always for your thoughts, reviews and audio clips. Keep them coming, we love it! Have a great week and enjoy The Zygon Inversion tomorrow night. Until next time – Allons-y!


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