Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 56

We’re almost there Who fans, series 9 is nearly here. We get excited for Capaldi’s return plus but before the mayhem, we have our regular show to do…

The News

Apparently Jenna Coleman is to leave the show to take on the part of Queen Victoria in a new drama for ITV. After a few moments of “Jenna’s leaving” passing by already, it’s 99% confirmed that series 9 will be her last appearance. The BBC have reported on it but we still don’t have an official word yet. Be ready to say goodbye Clara fans.

We now have a list of all the series 9 episode titles. As they’re all two-parters we can’t wait to check these out, have a ganders…

  1. The Magician’s Apprentice
  2. The Witch’s Familiar
  3. Under The Lake
  4. Before The Flood
  5. The Girl Who Died
  6. The Woman Who Lived
  7. The Zygon Invasion
  8. The Zygon Inversion
  9. Sleep No More
  10. Face The Raven
  11. Heaven Sent
  12. Hell Bent

More Torchwood audio is on the way from Big Finish. Fans of the TW show will have seen the Captain Jack adventure Conspiracy announced recently which is to be followed by a second story starring Eve Myles and Kai Owen. We now have more reason to celebrate as a series 2 has been commissioned for early next year. Good times ahead.

“Planet of the Ood” Review

Our last retro-review before we start our reviews of series 9. The Doctor and Donna are on the Ood-Sphere and things aren’t what they seem. Rabid, red-eye’d Ood along with sinister corrupt business types, this can’t be good. Do we leave this one with a twinkle of human kindness towards the Ood slaves or are we left cold outside on the barren landscape?

This week’s trivia question

Last episode we asked you – On what planet are Voltrox found? The answer is – Necros.

This week’s question is – After The Daleks, which is the next the story to see The Doctor visiting Skaro? Give us your answer in the comments below or post it on Twitter or Facebook. Good luck!

It’s all go this week as we gear up for series 9 starting. We hope you enjoyed this week’s show and remember to give us your thoughts on the new stuff. Enjoy The Magician’s Apprentice and until next time – Allons-y!


  1. blake

    WOW WOW WOW no spoilers sweetie but if the series keeps on this path then I cannot wait for the rest

    • Admin - Garry

      Yep, it was definitely an awesome series opener!

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