The Daphne Ashbrook Interview

Hey Who fans, we’re landing the Tardis somewhere completely different this week as we travel to the US to speak to 8th Doctor companion Daphne Ashbrook aka Grace Holloway.

The Interview

We’re so glad Daphne agree to take some time out to chat with us. We put some good questions to Daphne and she let us in on what it was like around the time when the movie was being made and some good insights too. Thank you for sending your questions in, we asked as many as we could.

Remember to check out Daphne’s new project on IndieGoGo and donate if possible, it looks great…

Thanks you for getting in contact as always and we hope you enjoyed our interview with Daphne. Join us next week for the run down of latest Doctor Who news plus our review of Tennat’s Love and Monsters. Until then – Allons-y!


  1. Simon Hodgson

    That interview was very good. Well done lads.

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