Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 40

Jump aboard the Tardis for episode 40 while we break down the news for you, announce the winner of our book giveaway then join us for our review of Black Orchid.

The News

As always we hate kicking the news off with sad times but we do also like to celebrate the lives of people who have appeared in Doctor Who. Nigel Terry, who played the firm and naive General Cobb in the 10th Doctor story The Doctor’s Daughter has sadly passed away aged 69. After a long career in both movies and television it’s his performance in 2008 along side David Tennant that will stick with Who fans.

Big Finish have now secured the rights to Torchwood and we’ll be getting six brand new audio plays starting this September. After years of fans asking for a new Torchwood TV show this is the best we’re going to get until then but in some ways this is potentially better as Big Finish have a very high success rate within the Who universe and its many spectacular stories. John Barrowman will return along with new characters to continue Captain Jack’s adventures.

It seems we may not have seen the last of River Song. Alex Kingston has been speaking at Mega-Con in the US she says “All I can say is… spoilers!”. She then goes onto say that she hasn’t been told her character is done so, take from that what you will.

Competition – winner announced

Thank you all for tweeting in for our latest competition. The winner of Cameron K McEwan’s new book The Unofficial Doctor Who Big Book of Lists is – Thomas Evans. Congratulations and enjoy. Thank you to Race Point Publishing for giving us a copy of the book for the competition. For those of you who didn’t win, we highly recommend the book which can be picked up in all good bookshops or at Amazon.

“Black Orchid” Review

We love Classic Who week and we pick out a fairly quiet story that hardly ever gets talked about or reviewed. It’s a short two-parter featuring 5th Doctor Peter Davison with the trio of Tegan, Nyssa and Adric who get pulled into a lively social gathering but there’s a sinister figure responsible for murder. Is this short and sweet or does it shrivel and die like un-watered flowers?

It’s been a great week inside the Tardis. Thank you for your thoughts on Black Orchid and thank you for pushing us over 500 Likes on Facebook, that’s awesome! Next week we’re reviewing Eccleston’s Father’s Day. Until next week – Allons-y!


  1. Amanda Telfer

    Yet another fantastic podcast guys. I haven’t seen Black Orchid but will check it out at some point. As for Fathers Day, I love it the acting is great, some great scenes with Chris and Billie overall I give Fathers Day a 9/10 🙂

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