Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 33

Episode 33 is upon us. We give you the latest news then onto our review of The Fires of Pompeii. Are we ready to land the Tardis?

The News

With the new 9th Doctor comic run from Titan quickly approaching a few more variant covers have popped up. They have the same mix of photographic and comic art style as we’ve seen with the 10th, 11th and 12th Doctor comics. You can check them out here and as you can see they look great. Can’t wait for these.

Horror Channel coming to Freeview right now! As you listen to this podcast on launch day (Friday 13th March) you should be able to tune into the Horror Channel on channel Freeview 70. This is good news for Who fans as it means that you’ll be able to enjoy loads of classic Who which they put out all the time.

New collectibles available in the BBC Shop. If you’re into your Doctor Who collectibles then you’ll love this new piece up for pre-order – a huge Cyberman bust based on the latest incarnation and in a stunning damaged stone effect. It comes in at a hefty £250 but it looks stunning. You can also order the 4th Doctor premium figure made by Big Chief, complete with accessories. Go and decorate your shelves!

“The Fires of Pompeii” Review

We zip forward to modern Who this week and take a peek at The Fires of Pompeii. Lot’s of emotion, action and humour in this historic episode. Do we give this Tennant story plenty of love or does it enrage the fires below?

Thanks for jumping onboard the Tardis and continue to give us your thoughts on our review episodes. Next week it’s a classic episode – Survival. Also remember you can enter our 10th Anniversary competition – details here. Until next time – Allons-y!!!


  1. Simon Hodgson

    I know what you mean about the blu rays and their availability. I have only recently replaced all my dvd sets with blu rays after selling the others on to a trade in shop. Can’t help but think they will be replaced by a different medium in the future again but I am happy with the way the look and sound with the blu rays.

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