Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 25

Welcome back into the Tardis Who fans as we bring you a lot of news covering the possible return of Torchwood to Series 9 filming tid bits. We then crack on with our review of The Beast Below.

The News

Torchwood is set to make a return! I know you’ve just jumped up and down with excitement but please sit back down as it’s not the kind of return you hoped for. It is coming back but in the form of audio plays. This was confirmed by John Barrowman while being interviewed about his role on comic book drama Arrow. Although not the return we were hoping for (which still may happen one day), this does at least bring us some Torchwood stories.

BBC Three will air Doctor Who: Earth Conquest – The World Tour on Friday 16th January at 7pm. Also included as a special feature on the series 8 box set, it follows Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Steven Moffat as they visit some of the worlds major cities such as New Mexico, Seoul, London and Sydney to promote the launch of series 8 and its debut episode Deep Breath.

Plenty of series 9 talk is afoot. Most notably the episodes currently being filmed have been written by Toby Whitehouse who has written some great stories over the years such as School Reunion and A Town Called Mercy. This will also be a two-parter which is great as we miss those mid-series. Other series 9 news includes Game of Thrones regular Paul Kaye will be starring in an episode.

Doctor Who has been nominated for a National TV Award. It’s always great to see Who being nominated for awards and in the world of UK TV this is a pretty big one. You can cast your vote here before midday on 21st January.

Russell T Davies has commented on the chatter about him ever returning to write an episode of Who and, sadly, he has quashed those rumours. In an interview with the Radio Times he says that he has/is moving on and is basically doing his one thing and Doctor Who doesn’t feature in that plan. Sad I know but let’s hope that one day he changes his mind.

“The Beast Below” Review

Bit of a surprise this one but this was the first episode of Doctor Who that I (Garry) watched completely and put me on my journey into the world of Who. This is an often overlooked episode and gets mixed reviews but what did we think of it?

A pretty smooth Tardis flight this episode, thank you for joining us and to leave you with a teaser, we have some amazing prizes lined up for a March giveaway. More details to come. Until next time – Allons-y!!!


  1. Simon Hodgson

    Bit of a letdown of an episode for me, only a 6/10. Ater a strong regeneration story, it had an impossible task of keeping up the momentum I felt.

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