Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 19

Hey Who fans! Welcome to episode 19 where we get back into our retrospective reviews and to kick things off we look at The Five Doctors. First, the news…

The News

So it turns out that Peter Capaldi could have had a shot at Who before his recent appointment as the 12th Doctor. HE was invited to audition for the 8th Doctor but turned it down – “I loved it so much that I didn’t want to have the disappointment of going for something that I would never get.” If Capaldi did get the part we wouldn’t have had the brilliant Paul McGann and we wouldn’t have the wise old grumpy 12th Doctor we have now. Funny how things work out in the end.

More Capaldi news – our very own Adam got pretty close to Capaldi while at an event last weekend. Apparently he’s signed on for series 9 (although no official word from the BBC) which is great news although it’s still unsure whether Jenna Coleman will be onboard. Other cool nuggets of info indicate that he’d love to have the roundels back in the Tardis (which would look awesome) and he’d also like his one Sonic Screwdriver. All good things that we hope Mr Capaldi will get.

Another award dished out for a Who actor, this time to the amazing Bernard Cribbins. He’s been awarded the J M Barrie Award for a lifetime of unforgettable work for children on stage, film, television and record. Always nice to see actors involved with Who getting recognition for their work. Good on you old boy!

“The Five Doctors” Retrospective Review (or as I said it this week – retro-re-spective!)

We’re back on the classic stuff from this week seeing as there’s no new Who on TV until Christmas. This one was a good story to get into as it’s an easy watch and is one of those stories that you can stick on, relax and enjoy without having to think too hard. We loved the performances of most of the Doctors but what score did we award it? We think you’ll agree with our rating.

As we move forward we’re going to retro-review a classic story but what would like us to review? It can be anything from An Unearthly Child right through to Day of the Doctor. Get in contact to let us know and pick the most popular request.

Thanks for stepping into the Tardis for episode 19. Keep your tweets and Facebook messages coming and remember to let us know what story you want us to review. Until next time – Allons-y!


  1. danyael

    Hmm, his own sonic screwdriver would be nice. Am I the only one who hopes it will be a bit more utilitarian than 11’s sonic? I think that would be a better fit with the “no frills” idea that was behind 12’s choice of outfit/costume.

    • tardisgarry

      Good thought, a more simpler approach to the sonic would be good, considering Capaldi’s more basic approach.

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