Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 13

Welcome back inside the Tardis as I get you up to speed with what’s happening in the world of Who, a review of Time Heist and then my thoughts on Series 8 so far.

The News

Two new Who box sets have arrived. First up here in the UK is The Complete David Tennant Years DVD box set which features all of his episodes including all three series’ plus the four specials. Second to be released in the US on Nov 4th is The Complete Matt Smith Years blu ray box set which features all of Matt Smith’s episodes including the Christmas specials and other episodes. If you’re into either Doctor and don’t own any of the episodes as yet this could be the purchase for you.

Casting confirmed for the Christmas Special. Along with Michael Troughton, Natalie Gumede, Faye Marsay and Nathan McMullen the great Nick Frost has also been confirmed. Known mainly for his movies along side Simon Pegg his acting is top notch so looking forward to what he will bring to this years Crimbo episode.

McCoy’s Ghostlight is getting the vinyl treatment and is available to pre-order now through SilvaScreen Records. As this soundtrack was mastered while everything was still analogue this will sound amazing on vinyl so highly recommended for your vinyl collection. Landing 13th October 2014.

“Time Heist” Review

Time Heist split opinions pretty much evenly with lots of equally happy and disappointed fans. I give you my thoughts on this episode but does it hit the right beats for me? Thank you also for tweeting me during the recording with your reviews on this.

Kai McNamee sent me this on Facebook after I finished recording but does sum the episode up quite well:

“I thought “Time Heist” was a bit of a let down, especially after the dynamic ‘Next Time’ trailer. I felt the story wasn’t really interesting enough to grab my attention, with no help from the ineffective supporting cast members. It’s unfortunate, but I genuinely didn’t care about these characters, and they just weren’t engaging enough for me to care about their ‘deaths’. Plus, I thought it was fairly predictable: I knew Ms Delphox would be responsible for the heist in some form, and I knew that the assisting characters weren’t killed off.”

Let me know your thoughts on Time Heist.

Series 8 So Far

Has Peter Capaldi impressed enough so far? Is Clara fitting the bill and is Series 8 living up to the hype? I give you a quick run-down on how I feel Series 8 is going and I’d be interested to hear your thoughts too.

Thanks for stepping into the Tardis for episode 13 and look forward to chatting all things Who next time. Until then – Allons-y!


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