Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 3

After a slight delay in brining you the podcast, I run through the news, give you my thoughts on the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff and take a look at this episode’s classic story – Pyramids of Mars.


The News

Some good news snippets for this show: 1. The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Soundtrack Collection is selling fast and although the Tardis Edition pre-order ends on Friday 9th May, the standard Eleven Disc edition has had it’s pre-order window extended to 10:00am BST Friday 16th May so there’s still time to grab a copy, which you can do here. 2. Doctor Who nabbed a couple of awards at the 2014 BAFTA Television Craft Awards, winning Best Special, Visual & Graphics Effects for the 50th Anniversary show The Day of the Doctor. Also picking up an award was the brilliant Mark Gatiss docu-drama An Adventure in Space and Time, which won Best Makeup and Hair Design. 3. Who legend Mr Terrance Dicks is going to be giving a public talk at the Airdrie Library on Wednesday May 14th at 7pm. Book a place by calling Airdrie Library on 01236 758070 or emailing Tickets cost £2 but are free for under 16s. 4. Matt Smith has landed a huge movie role starring opposite Arnie in the next Terminator movie. Matt has been spending a lot of time in the US recently and it was obvious he was going to pop up in a movie or US TV show in the near future but to land a massive role like this is great, good job Matt.

The Doctor Who Experience Review

After posting my review I wanted to expand a little on my reasons for the review and explain a little further what I thought about both the good and bad aspects of the experience.

Classic story retrospective – Pyramids of Mars

Tom Baker’s great classic story revolves around an ancient Osirian named Sutekh and his plan to be set free from his prison while back on Earth the Doctor and Sarah Jane set about stopping his minions and saving life throughout the universe. This is a really good 4th Doctor watch and as it’s split over just four twenty five minute episodes, you can enjoy this in one go.

Thank you for joining me in episode 3 and until next time – Allons-y!


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