Commentary #3 – School Reunion

Hey Who Fans! Welcome back aboard the Tardis as we make our way to the Commentary Room, buried somewhere deep within the depths of the Tardis’ corridors and chasms. Our commentary for 10th Doctor’s School Reunion awaits.

We reviewed this episode recently and it’s a favourite among fans of the RTD era. It’s got The Doctor, the Tardis, aliens, companions both new and old plus a special tin dog! What’s not to like about this modern classic?

Get the episode ready at 0:01 seconds and watch along with us as we go through this Tennant episode filled with emotion and adventure.

Thank you for watching along with us as we give you our thoughts and some insight into School Reunion. Jump onto Facebook or Twitter and let us know what you think and also to vote for the next commentary we should do.

Until next time – Allons-y!!!


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