Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 44

Bonjour Who fans. It’s been a fairly slow week for news but fear not, we’re reviewing potentially one of the best classic Who stories this week. Let’s go!

The News

Doctor Who is to appear in the new LEGO Dimensions game. We’re super excited about this as it feels like Doctor Who should have been a part of LEGO for years now. The game due to launch in September this year and features physical LEGO toys which are then placed onto a pad which “magically” places them into the game.

The BEEB has gone all mysterious on us. They posted a short news snippet regarding the read through for episode 10 of the new series but have blurred out the title and the writers name? The post also includes this cryptic line “We’ll have more big news for you soon, both about the ongoing production of the new series and the broader world of Doctor Who. As the Doctor himself might say, it’s a roller coaster, isn’t it?”. Hmmmm.

Big news to finish off with! As though the convention God’s were listening to our rant about how the stars of Doctor Who don’t attend many UK conventions we’re now going to get an entire weekend convention this November. Yes, the Doctor Who Festival starts Friday 13th November until Sunday 15th and will feature Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat among others. There will also be behind the scenes production talks, cosplay showcase, meet the writers, a drama school and much more. Head over to The Doctor Who Festival site for more information and tickets go on sale Friday 5th June at 10am. We’ll see you there!

“City of Death” Review

Classic Who goes international for City of Death with the romantic city of Paris as a backdrop to this alien story. It has it all – crashed spaceships, funny one liners, reversed polarity and sinister aliens. However, does it leave us with a sweet taste of wine and grapes or is it like a bowl of cooked frogs?

This week’s trivia question

Last episode we asked you – Who was the only Doctor since its first appearance to never use the Sonic Screwdriver? The answer is Colin Baker (although he did use a Sonic Lance).

This week’s question is – What were the very first words written in history? Give us your answer in the comments below or post it on Twitter or Facebook. Good luck!

Great to have you with us again this and thank you for your always interesting and amusing thoughts on our review episode. Have an awesome week and until next time – Allons-y!


  1. Jay Kent

    Wasn’t the first words in history ‘hello sweetie’ that was carved into that cliff on Planet One in the Pandorica Opens?

    • Admin - Garry

      Thanks for your answer Jay, listen in on Friday 🙂

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