Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 39

If your week felt empty fear not! We’re back to make your Friday more bearable and today, as well as running through the news and giving you our review of Planet of the Dead, we have a cool giveaway too. Let’s go!

The News

First up in the news – Moffat answers a question in the latest Doctor Who Magazine regarding Peter Capaldi’s appearance in The Fires of Pompeii. Interestingly they are going to look at this subject in an upcoming story for episode 9. Are some things better left to mystery? We think so.

Those clever peeps at Real SFX and Milk VFX have scooped a BAFTA for their work on Who. Nabbing the award for Best Visual, Special and Graphic Effects in 2015, what a proud moment for those guys.

A mysterious new monster has been snapped on-set during the filming for series 9 in a medieval village. Big, hulking and menacing, we’re intrigued as to what new monster this is.

More on series 9 and David Schofield of Merlin and Pirates of the Caribbean fame has been cast to star in episodes five and six. Great news to consistently have great actors on Who.

Peter Davison has been speaking to Digital Spy about a possible Five(ish) Doctor’s sequel. The good news is that he seems up for it, there are a few issues though. Firstly there’s a Doctor missing (ahem Tom) and secondly there’s the matter of payment for the cast. The first outing (which we’re assuming was always viewed as a one off for the 50th anniversary) was fine to rope people in but to pull them in again for nowt? He goes on to say it also needs to be a good idea and story, better than the first.


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“Planet of the Dead” Review

Another Who story that separates the fans this week. As the first in a run of four specials leading up to Tennat’s departure, does it kick things off with a bang or do we want to bury our heads in the sand?

Thank you for joining us for episode 39, we hope we’ve put things back to normality and your Friday isn’t empty and soul-less. Remember to get tweeting to be in with a chance to win the book and next week we’re reviewing Carnival of Monsters. Until next time – Allons-y!


  1. Amanda Telfer

    Another great podcast guys!!! I personally Carnival of Monsters as a great romp of a story though I see why people don’t like it I’d rate COM a 7/10 😀

  2. Simon Hodgson

    I did enjoy the first 25 mins or so of Planet of the Dead, but it kind of ran out of steam when the aliens were revealed. I did like Lee Evans contribution however.

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