Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 38

Welcome back inside the Tardis for episode 38. Some interesting news items to go through before we jump into our first Q&A then onto our review of a Hartnell classic – The Time Meddler.

The News

5th Doctor Peter Davison celebrated his 63rd birthday on Monday 13th April. He’s looking great for his age and doesn’t look in his sixties at all. Happy Birthday Sir!

Disney XD in the US is to air the 10th Doctor’s series 2 starting in May.

The Mirror newspaper dropped a potential huge spoiler for the two-part opener for series 9. If you don’t want to hear this rumoured spoiler at the moment, mute your audio at 11:20 for about 3 minutes.

Our first Q&A

Everyone loves a Q&A, they’re all the rage these days. Seeing as we get asked a lot of questions while at conventions or on social media we thought it would be good to open it up for you to send in your questions for us to answer on the show. Thank you for sending in your audio clips, YouTube clips and questions on Facebook. Enjoy.

“The Time Meddler” Review

We go way back to series 1 of the classic years and soak up the gorgeous black and white grainy adventure with the 1st Doctor, Vicki and Stuart. Does the meddling Monk, Saxons and Vikings draw us into this timey wimey story or do we run back to the beach looking for the Tardis?

Thank you for larking about in the Tardis. It’s been fun answering your questions and also revisiting the Hartnell era. Next week we’re reviewing Tennant’s Planet of the Dead so look out for the usual posts on Facebook and Twitter to send us your thoughts. Until next time – Allons-y!