Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 31

Welcome aboard the Big Blue Box for episode 31. Some good and not-so-good news to kick off with but then we’re straight into our review of The Doctor’s Wife.

The News

Unfortunately production designer Barry Newbury has passed away aged 88. Barry was involved with the show since An Unearthly Show all the way through to 1984’s The Awakening. It’s sad that another Who veteran has left us but we celebrate his legacy and the awesome work he did on the show.

Samuel Anderson aka Danny Pink has picked up the award for Best Male Performance in TV given at the 2015 Screen Nation Film and Television Awards. He received the award for his work on Doctor Who and Trollied. Nice work Mr Anderson.

Bad news for fans eagerly awaiting the release of The Underwater Menace. Originally due for release in 2014 but pushed back to sometime this year, we’ve now learnt that it’s removed from this year’s schedule all together. As we haven’t had a classic release in just over a year now (since The Web of Fear) it’s disheartening to learn that we could go another year with no release. There is a fan petition here if you want to get your name down and show some support for it’s release.

“The Doctor’s Wife” Review

Modern Who time and after our commentary episode of The Eleventh Hour we stick with Matt Smith and look at an episode often referred to as overrated and weak. Did we review this one with great gusto or get squashed like an Ood standing in the wrong spot?

Thank you all as usual for getting in touch with your thoughts. Next week is Tom Baker’s Robot so remember to give us your opinions. Have an awesome week and until then – Allons-y!!!


  1. Devin

    I like the Doctors Wife a great story apart from the Doctor calling the Tardis sexy its a really good story maybe one time you could do Twin Dillema since you havent really done a rant before.

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