Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 22

It’s a festive episode this week for our Christmas podcast. Who news has slowed a little so we discuss our top 3 favourite things from Who this year then finish up with our retro-review of The Christmas Invasion.

The News

We have our first little nugget of information for Series 9 next year The Magician’s Apprentice. We have nothing else to go on as yet but the title alone sounds quite cool.

The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff is to advertise at cinemas and TV. To promote the new Peter Capaldi element of the experience viewers will get a brief look at what’s in-store. There’s also props from the upcoming Last Christmas on display too.

Our Top 3 Favourite Who Things of 2014

To finish off the year we thought we’d give you our 3 top favourite things from Doctor Who. We went very general with this one and picked 3 things from any area. Let us know your top 3 things.

“The Christmas Invasion” Retrospective Review

This episode’s retro-review takes a look at the first Doctor Who Christmas Special since 2005 with David Tennant’s first full episode as The Doctor. The Christmas Special’s are not considered the best episodes among Who fans so does this one leave us with that warm, fuzzy yuletide feeling or does it crash and burn like a soggy Christmas pudding?

Thanks for flying in the Tardis with us for episode 22. This is our last podcast before Christmas so from both myself and Adam, we hope you have a wonderful Who Christmas and thank you so much for your support and kind words. Have a good one and… Allons-y!!!


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