Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 17

Hey Who fans! Only a couple of news bits to cover this week before we dive into our review of Dark Water.

The News

That fine fellow Mr Peter Davison has been announced as the host of next year’s Symphonic Spectacular when it hits the UK. This is great news as he went down a storm when he popped out at the BBC Proms last year. We’re looking forward to this even more now.

The BBC received several complaints about the subject matter in Dark Water and it’s potential effect on some viewers, particularly the “three words”. You’ll hear our thoughts on this subject and how it may impact the show.

“Dark Water” Review

The first part to the series 8 finale went down very well and despite a few little gripes we scored it 8/10. Agree with us or not? Fire us your thoughts.

Thanks for stepping into the Tardis for episode 17. We look forward to chatting all things Who next time. Until then – (and we finally got there!) Allons-y!


  1. Joe

    I would strongly agree with the score, I would score Dark Water 8/10 despite the disappointing finale episode. Love the storyline and the reveal at the end.
    My first thought is after the revel I also think that Moffat is testing the waters with The Master being a women,to see how the fans would take it, as there was lots of specerlation about Next Doctor being a women before Capaldi was reveled. So reckon we may have a woman as The Next or future Doctor which I haven’t got a problem with but it will be quite strange though as every Doctor incarnation is always been
    a man!

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