Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 8

A big boo boo at BBC Worldwide leads the news this week as well as comics, a new trailer, Tardis Talk and some new era retrospective.


The News

Titan Comics have declared July 26th as Doctor Who Comics Day with signings and other events going on in the UK and overseas. There is a signing at Forbidden Planet Bristol on July 26th at 3pm until 4pm and at Forbidden Planet London on August 2nd, same times.

There’s a new 20 second trailer for series 8 featuring Peter Capaldi in an exploding Tardis interior and features the words of long time nemesis Davros.

There’s been a leak at BBC Worldwide with scripts to five episodes from series 8 going out onto the web. With BBC bosses urging fans who have seen the scripts to keep quiet the majority are doing that so far.

Tardis Talk

Something that’s been on my mind recently after seeing lots of hype and media surrounding Who and this is – “Has the show become too big?” I ramble a while on trying to decipher this and overall I don’t feel the show could ever be too big from an audience number perspective but it does feel at times like the show is slipping away from being truly British (from a production point of view). Would love your thoughts on this.

Retrospective – The End of Time

After listening to the latest Regeneration series at The Doctor Who Podcast it was time for Tennant’s The End of Time and those guys didn’t show much love and while agree to an extent, I don’t think it’s that bad. Sure there are much better Tennant stories to choose from that era but it certainly isn’t the worst. Again, would love to know what you think about The End of Time and do you think it really is that bad?

Thanks for stepping inside the Tardis for episode 8 and please jump onto iTunes and give me a review if you enjoy the show. Until next time – Allons-y!


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