Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 4

In this episode I round up the key bits of news from the last couple of weeks, some thoughts on something that’s been on my mind recently and then this episode’s classic retrospective.


The News

Great news for Who fans as DW picked up a BAFTA. Voted for by the public, The Day of the Doctor picked up the Radio Times Audience Award. It’s always nice when DW picks up big awards such as these as it silences the negative people who start slating the show and also serves as a huge thank you to the people who actually make DW so a huge well done to all the cast and crew.

A new video has recently been uploaded to YouTube from a member of the Restoration Team (Paul Vanezis) and shows a quick overview of the clean up and other procedures they carried out when 9 episodes from “The Enemy of the World” and “The Web of Fear” were returned to the BBC.

A new trailer has been released by the official DW YouTube channel for the upcoming comic book run that will feature the 10th and 11th Doctors. The first issue for the 10th Doctor will be released on Wednesday 23rd July and they can be pre-ordered* from Comixology, as well as Amazon Kindle. The 11th Doctor’s run will start on the same date and can also be pre-ordered. A currently un-confirmed comic will launch later in the year for the 12th Doctor.

*_In the UK and Ireland we can only order them as digital comics. The physical print copies will not be available due to a licensing issue._

Tardis Talk

There’s been a subject on my mind for the last couple of weeks after seeing some tit-for-tat happening again on a couple of forums and it’s the differences between the Russell T Davies era and the Stephen Moffat era. Both seem to get both equal praise and heavy criticism but essentially they’re both great in different ways. I’d love to hear your opinions on this subject so please let me know.

Classic story retrospective – Attach of the Cybermen

I recently finished this Colin Baker story and so thought I’d give you my thoughts and a review. In short it’s not a bad story and Colin Baker is ok, however I feel it was let down by inferior Cybermen and their ability to be swayed and talked down extremely easily.

A big thank you to the listeners who told me they’re favourite classic stories, they areā€¦ 1. Adam Charlton of The Geeks Handbag – Remembrance of the Daleks 2. Jeff Waddell – Talons of Weng-Chiang 3. Nik Gill – The Daemons 4. Helen Jones – Pyramids of Mars 5. Ethan Cronin – The Time Warrior 6. Kai McNamee – The Curse of Fenric 7. Dave Hartnell (I saw your comment after I recorded) – Lost in Time

Thank you once again for letting me know your fav classic stories. I’ve now got a few I need to pick up!

Thank you for joining me in episode 4 and until next time – Allons-y!


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