Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 5

Episode 5 is upon us already and in this show I round up the news, talk to you a little on my views on Doctor Who collecting based on an article I read recently and then look at the classic Who story – Planet of the Spiders.


The News

There’s a Doctor Who parody that’s doing the rounds at the moment by big time internet comedy sister duo The Hillywood Show. It’s set against the classic hit The Time Warp and is primarily a 10th Doctor parody. What makes this effort different to others is the quality and perceived budget. Also the voice for “David Tennant” is awesome, I almost fell for it. You can check out the video here.

You lucky Who fans in the US will soon be getting a load of classic Who on TV network Retro TV. At some point this summer the TV network will air classic Doctor Who stories after signing a broadcast deal with BBC Worldwide. We had a similar deal in the UK for The Horror Channel and it’s mighty convenient having a load of classic Who stories being recorded to your DVR for a while.

We got a new trailer for series 8! Well I say a trailer, it’s more of a quick promo as there’s no content within it, just Peter Capaldi’s silhouette int he Tardis. While it’s nothing substantial or anything to go crazy over, it does give us a quick reminder from the BBC that the Doctor is coming this August! Check the “trailer” here.

Tardis Talk

I read an article recently on Doctor Who Gifts Guide about starting your Who collection and while I agree with what was mostly said, I did have a couple of issues about one of their points; “Buy Your Doctor Who Merchandise Online”. While I don’t have a big issue with this as I’ve picked up plenty of stuff online, don’t discount the benefits of visiting conventions to peruse the stalls or awesome shops such The Who Shop in London. It can be just as cool chatting to other Who fans and sellers about collecting than actually buying the items which you don’t get online.

Classic story retrospective – Planet of the Spiders

I’ve literally just finished watching Planet of the Spiders with Jon Pertwee and what a good story it is. I go through my thoughts on the overall plot, the characters, supporting cast plus some insights into the regeneration. Both of them 🙂

Thank you for joining me in episode 5 and until next time – Allons-y!


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