Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 6

I’m joined this week by special co-host Adam Charlton who runs the popular sci-fi blog and YouTube channel The Geeks Handbag. We chat about the news, gas throughout Tardis Talk and then go toe-to-toe on this week’s classic retrospective.


The News

First up this week is the announcement from the Doctor Who Experience team in Cardiff that they are launching the Walking Tours once again. Running from 14th June through to 20th July at weekends you’ll be able to go and see some of the key shooting locations around Cardiff which will no doubt add to the whole experience.

The FOX network is Germany is to “simulcast” Series 8 when it launches in August and will be the first country to air the show after it’s been shown here in the UK. With the 50th special The Day of the Doctor setting the bar for international broadcast it’s no surprise the BBC will want to reach out to as many networks. I’m guessing some other networks will be onboard nearer the time.

Lastly, the very good 50th anniversary comedy The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot will be heading to DVD later this year. This was one of the best things to come out of the 50th celebrations last year so really glad it’s coming to DVD for all to enjoy.

Tardis Talk

The Doctor Who Official Magazine this month gave us the big poll where the public have voted in their thousands and we voted on favourite episode, favourite Doctor etc. With some interesting opinions on the No1 slot plus some other quirky placement, we’ll talk you through the top10 amongst others.

Classic story retrospective – Remembrance of the Daleks

Adam and I were looking forward to this one as we have opposing views on this story. Adam loves it and holds it in high regard where as I’m not much of a fan so listen to us go back and forth with and put our reasons forward. If you’re a fan of the McCoy era you’ll have a definite opinion on both of us by the end!

Thanks you for joining me on Episode 6 and thanks again Adam for jumping into co-host duties with appropriate enthusiasm and gusto. Check out The Geeks Handbag’s site, YouTube channel and Facebook page for some great Who talk. Until next time – Allons-y!


  1. Matthew Rowney

    Hey guys! Matt here from the Doctor Who channel Who Addicts Reviews, i’m a good friend of Adam and have been meaning to get in to this podcast ever since I heard Adam was a part of it and i’m glad I have its great and you’ve got yourself another viewer right here!

    • tardisgarry

      Hi Matt, thank you for the kind words, really appreciate it 🙂

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