Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 9

The last couple of weeks have thrown a few good nuggets of news out which I cover including a stand alone release of Deep Breath, Big Finish adaptations and the 50th Anniversary box set. There’s no Tardis Talk this episode so it’s straight into the retrospective after the news.


The News

Bit of a strange one this, on (North America) there is a listing for the premier episode of series 8 Deep Breath? I’ve not seen a single episode (not including the series 4 specials with Tennant or the Christmas specials) from a series released like this and as it’s in the US only at this point, does this reinforce the fact that the show is becoming a bit of a cash cow and pushing it too far?

It was Doctor Who Comics Day on the 23rd July so I hope you guys went out and picked them up. Despite the licensing issue from Titan to not release the physical comic here in the UK it doesn’t seem to have stopped comic book shops from importing them in and selling them as normal so no excuse to not dive in! Would be interested in your reviews and thoughts on these comics.

At last we have confirmation that the 50th Anniversary box set is coming our way and very soon – September 8th. It will be released in both blu ray and DVD formats and features Day, Time, Night and Name of the Doctor(!), the amazing An Adventure in Space and Time (finally on UK blu ray!) and the fiendishly funny The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot. There’s some great extras too including lots of behind the scenes footage, farewell to Matt Smith and The BBC Doctor Who Proms 2013 among others. It looks like a well worth while purchase so jump over to the BBC Shop and pre-order the blu ray box set for £31.00 and the DVD box set for £28.99.

Retrospective – Gridlock

*I am aware that I referenced this episode as Gridlocked a couple of times so apologies 🙂 I watched this episode for the second time yesterday and it reminded me of how good as episode it is. I like the setup and the fact that as a viewer we can predictably see the outcome yet we go on the adventure along with the Doctor, however the supporting cast are naive to the situation. The underlying tone of the Doctor’s sadness at Martha’s questioning on Gallifrey is touching and it features some great writing all round. An 8/10 episode.

Thank you as always for stepping into the Tardis for episode 9 and look forward to chatting all things Who in episode 10. Until next time – Allons-y!


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