Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 16

Hey Who fans! The news gets us in both good and bad moods but then our review of In the Forest of the Night gets us even grumpier. It’s not all bad though, let’s do this!

The News

After we hyped up the re-opening of the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff last week BBC Worldwide go and cancel a load of Tardis set tours and put everyone on a downer, meh. The set tour is closed from 3rd – 23rd November and if you’ve already booked and it falls within those dates contact Crowd Source (or whoever you booked it through) and request a new date or a refund. Thank you to those who tweeted us their experiences so far and we hope you all get something sorted.

Silva Screen Records are releasing a 2-disc CD soundtrack of The Day of the Doctor and The Time of the Doctor to celebrate the show’s 51st anniversary (yes, it’s now 51 years, didn’t the 50th celebrations go quickly?). Keep an eye on the Doctor Who Music site for pre-order details.

Doctor Who bags another award! This time the show has picked up a Welsh BAFTA (British Academy Cymru Award) for it’s special effects. Excellent news and always a good thing when the show gets awarded for it’s amazing talent behind the scenes.

“In the Forest of the Night” Review

This one brings us a bit deeper down I’m afraid, we really weren’t fans of this episode and in our opinion this throws up the series’ first true clunker. What could have been a very good episode based on an interesting story the entire episode was let down by poor writing, poor performances throughout and other poor elements such as visual effects and props. We wanted to like it, we really did but it just doesn’t work.

Thanks for stepping into the Tardis for episode 16. We look forward to chatting all things Who next time. Until then – Allons-y!


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