Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 30

It’s a packed Tardis this week as Adam and I go through the news and this week’s review but then we also stop by to pick up the author Andy Frankham-Allen to talk about is new book Lethbridge-Stewart. Let’s do it!

The News

The BBC have now officially announced that Michelle Gomez will return as Missy in the opening two-parter for series 9 later this year. We didn’t expect to see Missy back so soon but the opening couple of episodes do sound very good. Let’s see what happens this time around for The Mistress.

Before series 8 and Capaldi bounded onto our screens a visual fx artist Billy Hanshaw put out his own interpretation of the opening theme which was then spotted by the beeb and subsequently used for the show as we see it now. This week, another visual fx enthusiast going only by the name John Smith on YouTube, has put out his version of the Tardis de-materialising and it looks fantastic. The quality is superb and it looks like it could be dropped into the show tomorrow. We love it when fans directly contribute to the show so hopefully this might have a similar uptake.

Want to study the history of Doctor Who? Now you can if you’re anywhere near Stockport, Manchester. Aquinas College is running an 11 week evening class run by historian Michael Herbert starting April 14th. If you want to study the early beginnings of the show and learn about the classic years then this could be for you.

Interview with Andy Frankham-Allen

We may remember a few weeks ago we announced a new series of novels to be released at the end of February all about the legend that is Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart played by Nicholas Courtney. We are very pleased to have the author and editor of the series Andy Frankham-Allen inside the Tardis to give us some insight into writing for this classic character and what we can expect from the series. Jump over to Amazon and order the book there and if you’re in London on the 28th February be sure to drop into The Who Shop and get a signed copy.

“The Visitation” Review

Another classic years review this week and it’s the turn of 5th Doctor Mr Davison. An often well received story this tale brings us back to a village just outside London and the start of the plague. Large alien fugitives, a camp android and a rather pantomime-eqsue ally give us plenty to be happy about or do we crumble under the sonic booster?

A huge thank you to Andy for jumping on-board this week. Remember to order the book, it’s a wonderful read. Thank you all for getting in touch with your thoughts and get ready for next week when we review The Doctor’s Wife. You’re also treated to our first commentary next week where we waffle on while watching The Eleventh Hour.

Until next time – Allons-y!!!


  1. Simon Hodgson

    Excellent podcast, great interview. I also agree with Garry about the android looking ridiculous and the Terileptil’s speech through the costume. But didn’t spoil the story overall for me. Really enjoyed it, 8/10.

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