Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 26

Red Kang or blue? It’s classic years this week and we review the McCoy era story Paradise Towers. Is it ice hot or does it leave us a little lukewarm?

The News

Doctor Who is staying put on Netflix. There’s been lots of chatter for the past few weeks and even a few petitions have appeared since the BBC’s contract has been in question with Netflix. Good news has prevailed however and The Doctor is here to stay, at least for now.

Russell T Davies’ confuses us a little this week after his comments recently. In the last episode we told you that he wouldn’t be making a return to write for Doctor Who and wanted to move on but in his latest interview he says that if a DW movie was presented he would absolutely do it. Yeah, we thought it was weird too.

It was the National Television Awards on Wednesday 21st Jan and although DW didn’t win in the Best Drama category (that went to the rip-roaring action packed thriller Downton Abbey) the 10th Doctor himself David Tennant did pick up the Special Recognition Award. Completely justified as he’s an amazing actor and for us Who fans he always carries the show’s torch with pride.

“Paradise Towers” Review

It’s back to the 80’s and the McCoy era as we talk through a story that often divides opinion but are we Red Kangs or Blue? Is the Great Architect a suitable monster and what purpose did Pex serve? Find out and more as we chew the fat and give you our rating.

Thank you for getting in touch and posting your thoughts on this week’s review. Next week it’s The Doctor’s Daughter so jump on to Facebook or Twitter and give us your thoughts. Until next time – Allons-y!!!


  1. Simon Hodgson

    Poor story for me, the performance s throughout are on the pantomime level for the most part. The cleaner robots just don’t work for me either, which I am sure is probably down to the budget I guess. A weak story from a poor season 24. 1\10 for me. Great podcast discussion though!

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