Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 28

Hey Who fans! It’s a creepy-village-vibe this week as review a Pertwee classic. A great news round-up puts our opinions to the test but first, cue the scary wind…

The News

Maybe Chris Eccleston isn’t so bad where it concerns Who fans? In light of recent events with Eccleston hanging up the phone during an interview when questioned about Doctor Who, a video has surfaced which shows him more than willing to help out a surprise engagement. Does this alter your opinion on Eccleston’s attitude towards the show? Let us know.

Great news! LEGO have announced that a Doctor Who set will be on it’s way later this year. After a surprisingly long wait the LEGO guys have finally accepted the a submission from one of the “LEGO Ideas” that happen each year. Good work Andrew Clarke for designing such a cool set that will now be released at some point this year.

The very cool online game The Doctor and the Dalek which is used to teach children how to code has now been released on tablets on the Apple, Amazon and Google Play stores so you can give it a go while on the move (or the sofa). It’s a great game and Mr Capaldi himself recorded the audio.

Those chaps over at Big Finish have announced an amazing 6th Doctor story coming up later this year. Doctor Who: The 6th Doctor – The Last Adventure, as you can tell from the title, is a proper regeneration story for old “sixie”. During his time on the TV show he was never granted a regeneration story or a fitting ending to his tenure so this looks to rectify that with the usual quality and love Big Finish are known for. Featuring a raft of the 6th Doctor’s past companions and The Valeyard too, we can’t wait for this story to land. Pre-orders at the ready!

“The Dæmons” Review

We jump in the Tardis and hop back to 1971 and Devil’s End to look at this Pertwee classic. Creepy settings, witchcraft, village cult, evil little statues and The Master. Sound like a good story? Listen to hear our thoughts on this 3rd Doctor classic Who adventure. If you want more information on the fantastic setting for this story, check out our very own Adam’s YouTube video “The Search for Devils End”.

It’s been a blast once again talking all things Who. With all the talk of Eccleston recently we’re going to review a series 1 story next week – The Unquiet Dead. Be sure to jump over to Facebook and Twitter with your opinions. Until next time – Allons-y!!!


  1. Simon Hodgson

    The sixth doctor last adventure audio is excellent. Big fan of The Daemons, great story and performances throughout. 9/10 for me.

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