Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 37

A great show this week with some interesting news headlines then we’re onto our review of Amy’s Choice. Actually, is that birds I can hear? Singing… yes… birds… ZzZzZzZ

The News

Mr Moffat himself has gone on record to say that Who will be with us on our screens for at least another five years into 2020. That’s awesome news seeing as there’s been rumours of late about a possible hiatus.

BBC America is partnering with BitTorrent to legally, yes legally, offer a new boxset containing 10 items from modern Who. For $12 which works out to be roughly £8 you’re getting a few great episode such as The Empty Child, The Doctor Dances, Blink and The Day of the Doctor plus more. It’s a great price to have them handy in digital format plus you also get a few Peter Capaldi intro’s too.

More news from Moffat now with his views on a Doctor Who movie. Although not completely closed to the idea he feels it wouldn’t work as we have such a successful TV show currently running. He likens it to James Bond, you wouldn’t have a 007 movie on with a Bond TV show running. We agree with his thoughts and while a movie will probably happen one day, it’s not the right time now.

“Amy’s Choice” Review

Yes we’re hand flapping our way back to the Matt Smith era with this creepy story or dream states and choices. Does Amy’s Choice fill us with confidence to give an appropriate score or, like Rory’s ponytail, does it leave us feeling sleepy?

Thank you for flying the Tardis with us. Remember to submit your Q&A question to either garry[at] or adam[at] If you send us a YouTube clip or audio file we’ll play it on the show but if you don’t have a mic or camera, simply Like us on Facebook and check the post out there to submit a written question. Until next time – Allons-y!


  1. Amanda Telfer

    Great podcast !!! I personally really enjoy Amy’s Choice as I love the TARDIS team of The Doctor, Amy and Rory. Despite this I respect your opinion Garry and I personally agree with Adam on this story. Can’t wait for the Q&A and the next podcast !!!

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