Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 42

Apart from things looking a little different around here with a snazzy new design the podcast is rockin’ and rollin’ as usual. We’ve got some interesting news to get through and then onto our review of grey-ish blue aliens, travelling entertainers and Drashigs.

The News

Wether you agree or disagree with his direction over the last few years, it seems Moffat is here to stay for at least series 10. It seems he’s not done with Who just yet and there’s more stories he wants to explore which leads us onto‚Ķ

Steven Moffat is at odds with the 12th Doctor himself Peter Capaldi regarding the Doctor’s feelings towards Clara. Moffat believes the Doctor has always fancied Clara while Capaldi disagrees and is obviously not comfortable with that theory. We’ll see how that one plays out in series 9.

One of those “weird” ones for you, comic book fans will be upset to learn that a Doctor Who/Spider-Man crossover has been cancelled. Yes, Marvel’s web slinger was due to cross-over with the Doctor, presumably within comics, but after five years of development it’s been canned.

Talking of comics, Titan have a summer comic event lined up consisting of a one-off five issue run but what’s cool is issue one will feature John Hurt’s War Doctor. Will definitely have that one on pre-order.

Lastly, those of you subscribing to the global BBC iPlayer outside of the UK, the service is being discontinued as of June 26th. Apparently the BBC are launching a new digital media subscription service but we’re not sure on timings, we’ll let you all know when we do.

“Carnival of Monsters” Review

Lot’s going on in this week’s review episode as we talk through this Pertwee classic. The Doctor and Jo find themselves trapped within a travelling entertainer’s Miniscope along with other “aliens”. Do we get excited for this one or scream like Drashigs?

This week’s trivia question

Last episode we asked you – In the episode Midnight, what was the waterfall made of? The answer is Sapphires.

This week’s question is – What is the name of the Impossible Planet? Send us your answer on Twitter or Facebook. Good luck!

Thank you for getting on touch with your thoughts on this week’s review episode. Next week we’re going back to the brilliant Matt Smith era with The Lodger. Have a great weekend and enjoy if you’re going to the Symphonic Spectacular in London. Until next time – Allons-y!


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