Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 48

Howdy listeners. We’re baking inside the Tardis this week as the heatwave continues! News out the way then onto our review of Timelash.

The News

Big Finish really are going for it this year. We’ve already had some good announcements such as the extended Doctor Who licence until 2020 and UNIT stories coming later this year but they’ve gone one further and have announced River Song is coming! Yes sweetie, River will feature in her own story, The Diary of River Song as well as joining up with 8th Doctor Paul McGann which is REALLY exciting! The last quarter of 2015 is going to be amazing if you’re into Big Finish.

Sad news if you’re still waiting to pick up The Underwater Menace on DVD. While it’s been coming for a long while now and even after receiving updates of potential release dates, the BBC have abandoned plans to release it as the company providing the animation has hit financial problems. We may see this released on another media int he future but as for a DVD release it looks unlikely for now. Bummer.

The Official Doctor Who Festival is heading down under. It only feels like yesterday that the BBC announced the Festival in London this November and now, pretty much straight after, it’s heading to Sydney Australia. 21st to the 22nd November in Moore Park, Sydney, will see Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat take up special guest duties.

“Timelash” Review

We’re back with The 6th Doctor for Timelash. It can be a tough old time seeing the best in some of Colin Baker’s stories so for this one, do we jump for joy or feel like it’s one never ending Kontron corridor?

This week’s trivia question

Last episode we asked you – The Sycorax had control of people with which blood type? The answer is A+.

This week’s question is – Which floor on Satellite 5 was Medical Nonemergency? Give us your answer in the comments below or post it on Twitter or Facebook. Good luck!

Thank you for flying the Tardis with us once again and it’s been great going through some cool news stories plus that tricky old time of Colin Baker’s Timelash. Enjoy the sun and until next week – Allons-y!


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