Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 46

Howdy-do Who fans, it’s episode 46! Before we get onto our review of McCoy’s first outing as The Doctor let’s land the Tardis and crack on with the news.

The News

We could have an “off the record” confirmed start time for series 9 – September. We suspected it may be August but producer Nikki Wilson let it slip on Twitter “We’ll be back in September”. So slightly later than we’d like as we’re desperate to get stuck into the new series but hey, it’s not much later.

Steven Moffat has bagged himself an OBE. For his services to drama the Moff has picked up one of the Queen’s honours and is well deserved in our opinion.

Colin Baker is to star in a new independent sci-fi short called Last Man on Earth. The official synopsis: “Last Man on Earth is a short pre-apocalypse sci-fi thriller about a virologist who is recruited to a bio research conglomerate to help work on a cure for cancer. It’s a film about decisions and their consequences. A story about the future told in the present day.” The project has already bagged around £1600 in funding but it needs more to get to completion. If you want to see The 6th Doctor get back into sci-fi then jump over to the Indiegogo page and donate.

Lastly, our thoughts are with The War Doctor Sir John Hurt after he recently announced he’d been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. We wish him the best and a speedy recovery.

“Time and the Rani” Review

This week we delve into Sylvester McCoy’s first story as The Doctor as he goes head-to-head with renegade Time Lady – The Rani. It’s full of deception, strange alliances, quirky one-liners, reptilian type people, large bat-type creatures and the playing of spoons. Is it one for the recommended list or does it need to be buried in a quarry somewhere? It’s our review of Time and the Rani.

This week’s trivia question

Last episode we asked you – How many people have to be online in order for the Osterhagen key to be allowed to be used? The answer is – 3.

This week’s question is – Where is “Sister-of-mine”? Give us your answer in the comments below or post it on Twitter or Facebook. Good luck!

Episode 46 has flown by but we’ll be back next week with our review of The TV Movie starring Paul McGann. Thank you as always for all your views and opinions on our review episodes, keep them coming. Have an awesome week and until next time – Allons-y!


  1. Andy Frankham-Allen

    Behind every mirror… every where. Do you see her? Just behind your shoulder. Don’t turn around.

  2. AdamTheUltimateWhovian

    Trapped inside every mirror.

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