Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 59

Hey Who fans! We’ve got some very interesting news items to go through this week and then onto our review of the creepy Under the Lake.

The News

This week we discuss…

A new spin-off showing coming our way in 2016 called Class.

The new LEGO set will be released on 1st December in the UK prices £49.99, just in time for Christmas.

The details have now been revealed by the BBC for the upcoming The Underwater Menace DVD. Two full episodes, two recons and an hours worth of special features.

John Hurt is returning to his role as The War Doctor for 12 full audio plays from Big Finish. Also, Paul McGann will reprise his role as The Doctor for a future release, the prequel story The Time War. Loads of good stuff from Big Finish as always.

“Under the Lake” Review

An unhappy Tardis, strange writing, ghosts and cool cliffhangers. With Capaldi now truly hitting his stride as The Doctor so we rate this one highly or does it leave us feeling wet and cold?

This week’s trivia question

Last week we asked you – What is the first story to mention that the Doctor has two hearts? The answer is – Spearhead from Space.

This week’s question is – Tom Baker wanted a talking version of which vegetable as a companion? Give us your answer in the comments below or post it on Twitter or Facebook. Good luck!

Thank you for joining us for episode 59 and thanks for sending in your thoughts and reviews. If you fancy leaving us a review in iTunes that would be fantastic! Until next week – Allons-y!


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