Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 71

Happy New Year Who fans! We kick off this year with what we’ve been up to over Christmas, there’s no news to speak of so we then crash into our review of the Christmas Special. Allons-y!

“The Husbands of River Song” Review

Ah, the famous and much divided yearly phenomenon that is the Doctor Who Christmas Special. It’s missed the mark in previous years but this year can the return of River Song teaming up with the 12th Doctor bring us some much festive adventure?

Thank you for listening Whovians. We’ve got loads of great stuff coming in 2016 so here’s to geeking out big time this year to all things Who. Next week it’s back to the classic years so keep your eyes peeled on Twitter and Facebook so you can post over your thoughts. Until next time remember… Allons-y!


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