Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 68

Hey Who fans and welcome to The Doctor Who Big Blue Box Podcast as we wrap up series 9. Before we review Hell Bent we’ve got news to do and the usual waffle so without further ado…

The News

First up a great story. Martyn over at the BadWilf podcast along with the Geeksyndicate website started a campaign for a very sick Doctor Who fan called Daniel who wanted to go to the Festival last month but was too ill to attend. Using the hashtag #drwhodaniel they got the story trending and Daniel started receiving visits from cast members. Firstly it was Madame Kovarian Frances Barber which brought a smile to his face and now the Doctor himself Peter Capaldi has dropped by. Along with his visits he’s received plenty of Who stuff from various blogs/sites/podcasters which we’ll be adding to by sending a copy of the just released Whoniverse book by Lance Parkin.

Fans of the 9th Doctor 5-issue mini-series from Titan Comics will glad to hear that starting April 2016 he’ll be getting a permanent run along side the current Doctor comics. Fantastic!

If you’ve been liking the appearances of Ashildr this series you’ll be pleased to know BBC Books have just released The Legends of Ashildr in hardback. Based on her journals it’s a collection of stories from some pretty good authors including James Goss. Look out for it on Amazon, The BBC Shop and most other book stockists.

“Hell Bent” Review

We’re expecting a big show from the series 9 finale after the amazing cliff hanger from last week’s Heaven Sent. Does this impress like we hoped or leave us drowning in a puddle of Moffat-filled disappointment?

This week’s trivia question

Last week we asked you – There’s a price on Captain Jack’s head in how many solar systems? The answer is – Two and a half.

This week’s question is – What is the Paternoster Gang’s address? Give us your answer in the comments below or post it on Twitter or Facebook. Good luck!

Thank you for listening and subscribing to the show. Remember now that series 9 has finished (and until the Christmas Special) we’ll be going back to reviewing episodes from the classic years and from 2005, starting next week with The End Of Time Part 1. Until then – Allons-y!


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