Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 67

Hey Who fans! A very interesting review in this week’s show as Heaven Sent throws us a Doctor-solo episode but first the news.

The News

A potentially confirming video has been posted by Peter Jackson on his Facebook page featuring Peter Capaldi in character as the Doctor. After years of rumours that Jackson would be directing an episode of Who it looks like it may be happening which would be amazing as we’re big fans of Jackson’s work. It’s a great video so check it out if you can.

The TARDIS set tours are returning to the Doctor Who Experience. From the 3rd December you’ll be able to purchase the official BBC set tour along with your regular Experience ticket. Looking forward to visiting the actual TARDIS set used by 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi? Let us know if you end up going and give us your reviews.

The BBC have released the title and a promo image for this years Christmas Special. Titled The Husbands of River Song it will air on Christmas Day at the more traditional “tea time” slot of 5:15pm. The promo image doesn’t reveal much by way of the story but it does throw in a classic looking River, a potentially new Sonic Screwdriver (oooh!) and a strange headless robot. Another Christmas flop or an entertaining romp?

“Heaven Sent” Review

We’re well on the way to the series end now and the Doctor is really up against the ropes. Isolated and trying to figure out where he is, who did this to him and how to escape. Does this Doctor-solo episode of dark inflection make us revel in the Moffat brilliance or is it a gruesome mess?

This week’s trivia question

Last week we asked you – Who reportedly told the Doctor that he looked better in a cloak? The answer is – Beau Brummell.

This week’s question is – There’s a price on Captain Jack’s head in how many solar systems? Give us your answer in the comments below or post it on Twitter or Facebook. Good luck!

An emotional one this week and thank you again for your thoughts and audio clips. Next week looks very interesting and remember to let us know of any conventions you’re going to next year. Until next week – Allons-y!


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