Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 70

Merry Christmas Who fans! This is it, the last episode of 2015. We round up the highlights of the year then finish up The End of Time with our review of Part 2. Let’s get Christmas Day going…

Year in Review

No news this week but instead we pick out some highlights from 2015.

“The End of Time – Part 2” Review

We conclude 2015 with our review of The End of Time Part 2. David Tennant’s final episode literally goes out with a bang. Does it match Part 1’s action and emotion? Who are we kidding, of course it does, but do our review scores reflect it’s rollercoaster of emotions?

The final trivia question

Last week we asked you – Who is the fist person the Fourth Doctor offers a jelly baby? The answer is – Sarah Jane Smith.

We’re retiring the weekly trivia questions for now. They might make a return but for now we’ll give them some time out. Thank you to all who’ve given us their answers, some hardcore fact loving Who fans out there!

Free wallpaper pack

As a thank you for listening this year we’re giving away a free wallpaper pack. Garry has used his design skills and crafted a set of wallpapers you won’t see anywhere else. Hop over now and download, enjoy!

Garry and Adam would like to say a huge thank you for sticking with us throughout 2015, it’s been a truly great year for us. We really appreciate you listening and contributing each and every week, it wouldn’t be the show it is without you. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

Our next show will be on 1st January next Friday with our review of the Christmas Special The Husbands of River Song.

Until then have a fantastic Christmas whatever you’re doing and we look forward to enjoying Doctor Who with you all in 2016 – Allons-y!


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