Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 77

Hey Who fans, it’s episode 77. Without further ado, news and reviews awaits so… allons-y!

The News

Steven Moffat has bagged himself an OBE! Yes, still current show runner was given the award in this years honours for his services to drama and we think it’s thoroughly deserved. We may not have agreed with or liked all of Moffat’s decisions during his time as head writer but you can’t argue with his tireless dedication and work ethic.

You may remember a couple of weeks ago we told you about a Kickstarter project to bring the classic Doctor Who pinball machine into a digital format. Well, it’s not reached 100% of it’s funding goal, woo-hoo! Awesome job to those who backed this, we can’t wait to play it.

Series 10 is underway! Yes, pre-production is getting into motion and filming begins this May. It’s good to know that things are still happening and they’re nearly into filming, here’s looking forward to those official pics from the production team.

“42” Review

Series 3 is generally considered pretty good but this story is often overlooked. Claustrophobic, suspense and eery possession make this an interesting concept plus it’s well times as it was Chris Chibnall’s first story for Who. Are we impressed or running from the sun with this one?

Thank you for listening, next week we go old school as we travel back to the Hartnell years so look out for the post on Facebook, we always look forward to your thoughts. Until then week – Allons-y!


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