Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 75

Hey Who fans! Big big news this week but before that the obligatory waffle then later our review of series 1’s Dalek.

The News

Mr Capaldi has been busy the last week, not with Who but with more real life problems and stories. Taking time out from his schedule he made a trip to Jordan to visit some of the refugee camps and see the tragedy there. A very touching video is online featuring Capaldi himself and his experiences there. All respect to Capaldi.

A new Kickstarter campaign started recently which is sure to please any retro pinball machine fans. Video game developers Farsight Studios, who specialise in taking actual classic pinball machines and digitising them to play on computers and consoles, have acquired a classic Doctor Who pinball machine but need help in getting the required licensing to bring it to market. Check out their campaign on Kickstarter and give it a backing if you want to get hold of this awesome bit of Doctor Who gaming nostalgia.

BIG NEWS! As you will all be aware – Stephen Moffat has announced he’ll be stepping down as show runner next year and will be replaced by previous Who writer and creator of the brilliant Broadchurch Chris Chibnall. Moffat will be with us for one more series after this years Christmas Special and then Chibnall with take over from 2018. This does leave a gap in broadcast unfortunately as we’re getting no new Who until Christmas this year, sad face. We’ve got lots to discuss on this and we’d like your comments too so let us know.

“Dalek” Review

Fantastic! We’re back in 2005 this week and witness the Dalek’s on our screen for the first time in modern Who and for quite a while previously. Can a lone, menacing Dalek and a petrified Doctor create enough of a story to keep us in suspense or does this one crash down a flight of stairs like a Dalek with a faulty levitate?

Thank you as always for sending in your clips and reviews. If you listen on iTunes or the Podcasts app (anything on Apple basically) if you could give us a review that would be amazing. Next week is going to be… interesting as we visit the 7th Doctor story Delta and the Bannerman. Until then – Allons-y!


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