Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 74

Hey Who fans! Before we go crashing into Karn for our review of The Brain of Morbius we have some Who news for you.

The News

Series 9 picks up a Golden Tomato Award. Movie and TV review site Rotten Tomatoes has awarded series 9 the most reviewed show, smashing!

Russell T Davies has picked up the Outstanding Contribution to Writing Award at the prestigious annual Writers’ Guild of Great Britain Awards. He was thrilled to be receiving an award from fellow writers and praises the Writers’ Guild for it’s good work. Nice job RTD.

Sad news now. The creator of the Zygons Robert Banks Stewart has passed away at the age of 84. After a successful career writing scripts for a number of television shows he’ll be remembered by Who fans as the creator of the Zygons but also penning the brilliant story The Seeds of Doom, bringing us the Krynoid no less!

“The Brain of Morbius” Review

Back now to the 4th Doctor era with our review of this Frankenstein-esque tale. The Doctor and Sarah Jane are in trouble again but who is trying to kill them off, the Sisterhood of Karn or Solon? Are we huge fans of this one or do we loose our heads?

Another week down, thanks for your input as always guys. Next week we’re zipping forward to visit 9th Doctor story Dalek. Until then – Allons-y!


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