Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 76

Welcome Who fans to episode 76! Some great news items to get through then onto our review of one of the 7th Doctor’s strangest stories – Delta and the Bannermen.

The News

The brilliant Lethbridge-Stewart novels from Candy Jar Books are getting the audio book treatment in conjunction with Fantom Films. Read by Terry Molloy, famous as portraying Davros in the show, the audio books will be available to order individually or as a bundle directly from Fantom Films.

BBC Books are to re-issue seven of the old Target novelisations; Doctor Who and the Zarbi by Bill Strutton (First Doctor); Doctor Who and the Web of Fear by Terrance Dicks (Second Doctor); Doctor Who and the Dinosaur Invasion by Malcolm Hulke (Third Doctor); Doctor Who and the Genesis of the Daleks by Terrance Dicks (Fourth Doctor); Doctor Who: The Visitation by Eric Saward (Fifth Doctor); Doctor Who: Vengeance on Varos by Philip Martin (Sixth Doctor) and Doctor Who: Battlefield by Marc Platt (Seventh Doctor). Looking forward to these as they’re always good reads.

Comic book creator and producer Andrew Wildman has put out some story board cards of when he was working on the Day of the Doctor and it shows some scenes including 9th Doctor Chris Eccleston. Some interesting scenes with him in the barn on Gallifrey with a young girl now known as The Moment along with some other expressions. John Hurt was awesome as the War Doctor but we can’t help think what the story would be like with Eccleston instead?

“Delta and the Bannermen” Review

It’s a bit of a bonkers review this one as we take a trip to Shangri-la holiday camp with the 7th Doctor and Mel. Cameos, green babies, Welsh holiday-ers, rock ‘n roll and dodgy American accents. Are we swept up in the 50’s nostalgia or does this story leave us broke down like the holiday bus?

That’s it for this week. If you’ve not yet watched Delta and the Bannermen it’s worth a go for the entertainment value alone. Next week we visit the Tennant era and review 42, written by new showrunner Chris Chibnall. Until then – Allons-y!


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