Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 78

Hey Who fans and welcome to episode 78. Before we fly back to 1966 let’s do the waffle, I mean, er, news…

The News

Titan Comics have announced the date for this year’s Doctor Who Comics Day. That day is Saturday 9th July which is sure to see some events happening all over the place. Last year there was a good event held at Forbidden Planet in London so we’re expecting a similar thing. Go Titan!

According to new figures from the BBC, Doctor Who has come fourth in the top ten most loved show on iPlayer. Yes, apparently there’s a favourite/love/whatever icon within iPlayer which Who fans clearly have been pressing quite a bit. Must remember to do that now.

If you’re heading to the Doctor Who Experience soon you’re in for a treat as a load of new props and other goodies from series 9 are being added for our up-close viewing pleasure. These will be on show from Wednesday 2nd March and if that wasn’t enough, the Tardis Tours are back! Yes, from Saturday 20th February through to Sunday 6th March you’ll be able to set foot on the iconic Tardis set and be like the actual Doctor! Now would be a good time to get your asses to Cardiff.

“The War Machines” Review

We’re visiting the 1st Doctor and those lethal robots in all it’s black and white glory this week. We have a lot of love for Mr Hartnell but does this story stand up in quality to his greatness or are we left to wonder 60’s London, wishing we were back in full colour?

Thank you for stopping by the Tardis and your comments for this week’s review story. Next week is Matt Smith’s Vincent and the Doctor which we’re looking forward to. Remember to follow us on your preferred social channel for the latest updates, tidbits and more waffle. Until then week – Allons-y!


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